Top 10 Gruesome Serial Killers. Bundy also became deeply interested in violent crime magazines that often depicted gruesome pictures of slain women. He claimed she abandoned him on the side of a dirt road and was instead raised by his grandmother in Lorain, Ohio. He taunted the police for not being able to catch him. Always on the move and leaving little to no evidence behind, Bundy primarily targeted young women. He managed to escape the authorities until he was finally caught in the year 2001. At least one woman who met Knowles described him as “ruggedly handsome,” hence the name Casanova Killer. He would sometimes revisit the body several hours at a time to perform sexual acts on the decomposing corpse until the stench was unbearable. Dahmer killed his first victim in the summer of 1978 when he was just 18 years old. However, he had the habit of torturing women and even shot his wife in full view of Ramirez who was just 13 at the time. Three years before his 1991 arrest—and with several murders already under his belt—Dahmer was convicted of drugging and sexually molesting a young teenager. However he didn’t just kill them; these murders included rape, necrophilia, dismemberment and cannibalism. His killing spree of brutal murders, rape, and robberies lasted a total of 14 months. He was then confined in a mental asylum and was given anti-psychotic drugs. When police entered Nilsen’s property, they were hit by the overwhelming smell of decomposing flesh and Nilsen admitted he had two plastic bags full of body parts in his wardrobe. Gacy lured his victims into his property with offers of contractor work and then strangled them to death. Nicknamed the ‘Boston Strangler’, DeSalvo broke into his victim’s apartments and sexually assaulted them before strangling them to death with their clothing. Although police, investigators and amateur sleuths have their suspicions about the true identity of the Zodiac, the killer was never found. He was convicted with 52 counts of murder in the year 1992. After his arrest, Garavito was charged with the murder of 138 children but it is suspected that he could have killed more than 300. Due to overcrowding in jail, he was eventually released and when he got out, he became a drifter and made friends with Ottis Toole. There was evidence that Bonin had attempted to remove the boy’s testicles while he was still alive and that he had been sodomized. This wasn’t unusual for Bonin as he liked to torture his victims with ice picks and coat hangers before strangling them to death with their own T-shirts. He would mutilate and cut his victims into pieces with a hacksaw and he would dispose of the parts along various stops on the highway as well as in industrial areas. Approachable, friendly and very intelligent, Bundy knew how to use his personality and good looks to charm his victims into a false sense of security. Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer also was known as the "Milwaukee Cannibal" was an American serial killer who was active between 1978 and 1991. None of these crimes were committed mercifully, either. He used his charm to exploit women into trusting him. Do you think they could be role models? In 1888, London’s Whitechapel district was gripped by reports of a vicious serial killer stalking the city streets. One of the first recorded serial killers, in 1893, H. H. Holmes opened a hotel of horrors in Chicago which he designed for the sole purpose of carrying out the most heinous of murders. After he awoke, his behavior became erratic and he suffered from frequent headaches and memory loss. Over a 20 year period, Shipman targeted mostly elderly females and injected them with lethal doses of drugs under the guise that he was helping them get better. Which made his decade-long, multi-state killing spree all the more surprising—and to some, appealing. All of the applications have been denied. The next day, Shipman claimed that he found the elderly patient dead in her bed during a home-visit. One of America’s earliest documented serial killers, Holmes’ criminal career began with insurance fraud and shady dealings. Consider this a bit of housekeeping. Like the “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez and the “Hillside Stranglers” Angelo Buono Jr. and Kenneth Bianchi, Bonin employed the vast Los Angeles and Orange County freeway systems to pick up his victims and later dispose of their bodies. They discovered Worden’s headless corpse hanging upside down from the rafters. Shipman was found guilty of forging prescriptions for his own use in 1974 but he was able to continue working as a medical practitioner under supervision. Jamie is the founder of Listverse. During this incident, he realized how he could experience sexual gratification by slashing and stabbing children and women to death. He supposedly murdered 11 people, eviscerating them and hiding body parts in his house. Four days later, the bodies of nine more men were found in shallow graves in the orchards. Confessing to years of heinous acts, Fish was given the death penalty and executed by electric chair in 1936. He spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital. Belle’s true fate remains unknown, although unverified “sightings” continued for decades after her death. It was the first murder trial to be fully televised, and featured Bundy front-and-center acting as one of his own defense attorneys. One of the world’s most prolific serial killers might still be out there. He also confessed to sexually assaulting his victims as well as committing necrophilia on some of their corpses. Her name was Angela Covic. More than 20 years since, his whereabouts remain unknown. He was also known as "The Angel of Death". All her internal organs were removed. (Credit: Tim Boyle/Des Plaines Police Department/Getty Images). He began his criminal behavior early, and he was sentenced to two years in San Quentin State Prison, in 1915, after breaking into a cabin he believed to be abandoned. He worked as a fast food chain manager in the 1960s and organized social gatherings in which he worked as a clown. This is also seldom repeated. He was arrested on July 22, 1991. He eventually set up his own business, supplying seasonal laborers to the local farmers. Despite being convicted of kidnapping, he managed to escape police custody not once, but twice, while awaiting trial in Colorado. Serial killers, by definition, are those who kill three or more people in a certain period of time. He initially tried using sleeping pills. However, some serial killers operate with the same methods for years and always target the same victims. Kearney was a necrophile and he was strongly averse to inflicting pain on his victims so he developed a technique of shooting them in the temple whilst driving. The behaviour of some serial killers can be erratic and their crimes show no discernable pattern or identifiable links between victims. Upon his release, the severity of DeSalvo’s crimes dramatically escalated and he began raping and murdering women. He is also known to have indulged in necrophilia, cannibalism and the permanent preservation of body parts. August 27, 1979, was Hyden’s last night alive. In 1978, when a 15-year-old boy who had last been seen with Gacy (whose construction business the teenager was hoping to work for) went missing, police obtained a search warrant for Gacy’s house. Nine years later, Dahmer started killing again. "Mari. This mask of sanity means that they appear nor. Later in life he used these skills to get away with murder. The cause of death was often wrongly listed as accidental. Usually, they are males who possess a mask of sanity. He was caught when his live-in lover, David Hill, gave his address to a young man for a hookup. Richard Trenton Chase was known as “The Vampire of Sacramento”. With the authorities’ undying effort to unlock those murder mysteries, Chikatilo was eventually caught in the year 1990, and confessed to the murder of 36 people. He eventually dropped out of school and took up amateur boxing with dreams of becoming like his hero Sugar Ray Robinson. Unfortunately for him, his own letters led to his eventual capture in the year 2005. It was there that Holmes built what he referred to as his murder “castle”—a three-story inn that he secretly turned into a macabre torture chamber. Ridgway picked up prostitutes and then strangles them. He typically targeted gay bars close to his home so he could spike the drinks of his victims and easily bring them back to his house. That 2007 list ranked killers based on a variety of factors, only one of which was death toll. He was convicted of 33 counts of murder, with additional counts of rape and torture, and was executed by lethal injection in 1994. When his father, brother and mother died within a 5-year period, he was left alone at the family farm, where he eventually cordoned off parts of the house turning it into a shrine, of sorts, to his mother. Her body was mutilated beyond recognition with her face hacked away. The gas allowed Holmes to knock out his guests before the worst of what was to happen came next, often on his surgical tables. He was committed to a mental hospital again, but when he was released in 1925, he began his killing spree. Bones. Holmes, the pharmacist who turned a hotel into a torture castle. All of them had been hacked or stabbed to death, most likely with a machete. Psychologist Al Carlisle said, “[Bundy experienced] a lot of sexual relieving through the fictional stories.” Still, nobody could have guessed how violent the young Bundy would grow up to be. His plea bargain raised his murder convictions to 49. Born June 7th, 1940, in Reynolds, Georgia, Samuel Little said his mother was a “lady of the night” and investigators believe he was born in jail during one of his teenage mother’s arrests. According to history, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the scariest serial killers in the United States. From a young age, Fish was obsessed with sadomasochism and subjected himself to acts of self-harm and mutilation (an X-ray taken after his arrest revealed that Fish had pushed more than two dozen needles into his body, mostly around his pelvis and groin region).

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