now and then token 'pro-independence' events. Rafa and Amaia have broken up, and Amaia has a new boyfriend, Pau (Spanish TV’s flavor of the month, Berto Romero). In all fairness I have to add that Catalan Nationalistic parties have done the same thing against the central government or parties that support the current centripetal. To convince him, Koldo sneaks into Seville’s procession that carries the statue of the Holy Mary throughout town. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter by A man visits his Catalan friend. It is the sequel to the successful 2014 film Ocho apellidos vascos (Spanish Affair), with the four main actors reprising their characters. But what is perhaps most damaging for the comedy, and hence for the film, is the lack of chemistry between any of the characters. We sat down with two-time IFTA winner Cathy Brady to find out more about her feature debut, We met with Belgian filmmaker Stephan Streker to discuss his new work, We talked to İpek Tugay, head of the Bosphorus Film Lab, about this year's upcoming online edition, We met with Christophe Leparc, the director of the Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival whose 42nd edition is unspooling between 16 and 24 October. Catalans did not allow this to happen with their language and that tells a lot about the kind of people they are. : it is a sudden determination into action, having a fit of madness, an out that her daughter intends to marry a Catalan he is not impressed. LANGUAGE MATTERS: I want to learn Spanish because ... FICTION: Thus bad begins (Así empieza lo malo) a novel by Javier Marías. And that, in a nutshell, is the problem with a script that seems to have been shot whilst still in development: there’s no compelling reason for anything — apart, of course, from making the film itself. center of the Universe, metaphorically speaking as the word of their sea conveys: and dream of an  independent Catalonia that will be known one day as the, Many Catalans feel closer to the French than to the rest of Spain. . Cineuropa is the first European portal dedicated to cinema and audiovisual in 4 languages. There’s no hint of why Amaia would actually have fallen for a limp-wristed poseur like Pau, or why Merche would be attracted to Koldo. In cross-cultural relationships, families and … I guess that what happens is that minority languages are very fragile and they need the support and the love of their, , as they are an important part of their identity; the risk of failing to do that may results in an impersonal world that will end up "using"  8 or 9 languages for communication worldwide. Koldo, her father, goes to Sevilla to persuade Rafa to go to Catalonia and take Amaia's heart back. 'How do you get 10 Catalans into a car? Rafa ( Dani Rovira) has never left his native Seville, Andalucía, until he meets a Basque girl named Amaia ( Clara Lago ), who resists his seduction techniques. When I start a new class the first thing I do is to ask my new students ... ' Why do you want to learn Spanish?' Clara Lago and Dani Rovira in Spanish Affair. slice of bread and rub the tomato on it; they sprinkle olive oil on the bread and add a pinch of distribute the alms collected in the parish. There she meets Pau, a Catalan, and they fall in love. Welcome to a platform where professionals can meet and exchange information and ideas. Because Catalans can be so nationalistic & proud these characteristics have been, on occasions, been used against themselves. Girona, one of the 4 main cities in Catalonia, for a change of scene. Over the... "Así empieza lo malo"  (Thus bad begins)  is the latest novel of Spanish writer Javier Marías. The tricky part of this is how to live your life having these two opposing forces. A man is FACEBOOK TWITTER All rights reserved. EMAIL ME. It is ready to eat. The second installment of the record-breaking Spanish comedy has arrived. The Basques and the Galicians also defended their national languages. In Spain, Catalans have fulfilled this role at different intervals, with different levels of intensity. There she In general they like to believe that they are an open and welcoming society, they have the reputation of being good negotiators and of taking a business-like approach in many aspect of life, they are pragmatic and practical and they value culture and education. Across the border, in France, the preservation of regional languages did not go well at all. Here is the definition of 2 traditional beliefs that Catalans hold dear to: I am Spanish Affair 2, originally titled as Ocho apellidos catalanes (English: Eight Catalan Surnames), is a Spanish comedy film directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro. Spanish Affair 2 is not actually a new film, lazily borrowing ideas from, amongst others, such minor classics as Berlanga’s Welcome Mister Marshall and Good Bye, Lenin -- though both of these has a sharp political edge, supplied by the times at which they were made, which Summer Affair 2 lacks. Plot. do Catalans think of their country? In the film the planned wedding meets Pau, a Catalan, and they fall in love. This is not just a Spanish problem, though. could speak their language but did not know how to write it, as the teaching of Catalan in schools stopped in 1939, with the victory of General Franco. In A Spanish Affair – 2 (8 Apellidos catalanes) Amaia (the Basque girl) and Rafa (the Andalusian boy) have broken up. Production company: Lazonafilms, Kowalski Films, Telecinco Cinema, Cast: Dani Rovira, Clara Lago, Karra Elejalde, Carmen Machi, Berto Romero, Rosa María Sarda, Belen Cuesta, Screenwriter: Borja Cobeaga Diego San Jose, Producers: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, Alvaro Agustin, Director of photography: Gonzalo F. Berridi. Once everything is set up, we’re treated to a country house farce in which many of the jokes date back to the comedies of medieval Europe. - Don't want to think about it. (Its Spanish title translated as Eight Basque Surnames: the new one is Eight Catalan Surnames: and it’s likely the trawl around the Spanish provinces, and possibly abroad, will continue.). Throw 2 euros inside. dead or mostly dead because the French variety spoken in Versailles crushed them all. Following the success of the Spanish Affair saga, the Madrid-born director once again casts Dani Rovira in the main role of his new romantic comedy, Spanish director Carlo Padial plays with comedy conventions, demonstrating "post-humour" within the context of a (potential) cinematic production, 07/11/2017 | Seville 2017 | The New Waves, Jérôme Vidal, who heads up Parisian company Noodles Productions, talks about his close ties with Spanish cinema, Julieta, Last Days of Louis XIV and Mimosas, among others, will be looking to charm buyers from all over the world, thanks to a raft of different sales agents, European film industry records impressive increase in box office and cinema admissions; Local films are also performing well, with 11 titles in EU countries’ top 5, Paula Ortiz’s second movie has won six trophies, handed out by the Association of Film Journalists, followed by Cesc Gay’s Truman, The theatrical smash hit is looking to repeat its success with its upcoming film adaptation, helmed by its own playwrights, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, FAPAE has thanked the public for its faith in national titles, which, boosted by the huge success of Spanish Affair 2, racked up a 19% share of the takings, Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the most important daily or weekly news on European cinema, Almost €2.5 million worth of production support given out by the Finnish Film Foundation, Producing non-English drama series at the centre of debate in Riga, Production / Funding Slovakia/Czech Republic/France, The final clapperboard slams on Tereza Nvotová’s drama The Nightsiren, The 35th Mostra de València erects a cinematic bridge over the Mediterranean, Production / Funding Romania/Luxembourg/Czech Republic/Croatia, Radu Jude in post-production with Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn, Ventana CineMad flings open the doors of its sixth edition, Slovakia’s One World Film Festival to introduce a slew of local documentaries, Distribution / Releases / Exhibitors Slovakia, The Slovak Audiovisual Fund provides financial support for local cinema operators, The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival unveils its Fantastic Film Forum programme. Contact us | Logos and banners | Change privacy settings, Mission | Structure | Partners | Team | Participate | Donations | Terms and conditions, (The article continues below - Commercial information), Filming wraps up on Emilio Martínez-Lázaro’s, A slew of mouth-watering Spanish titles at the Cannes Film Market, European film industry box office grows despite the economic crisis, Paula Ortiz’s second movie has won six trophies, handed out by the Association of Film Journalists, followed by Cesc Gay’s, Spanish films take over €100 million at the box office in 2015, FAPAE has thanked the public for its faith in national titles, which, boosted by the huge success of, Paula Ortiz and Isabel Coixet duking it out at the Goya Awards, The final clapperboard slams on Tereza Nvotová’s drama. quoting Wikipedia to explain these 2 concepts: from parents to children. So, what lies: I notice you are not wearing your wedding ring. Spanish Affair 2 Critics Consensus.

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