Native to South and Southeast Asia, teak is known for its lovely golden brown color, stability and extreme durability. We also stock Clear Vertical Grain Fir. Vertical grain teak is highly sought after for marine applications because of its … It is almost always dark golden-yellow. If you’re looking for a “lumber yard near me” or “sawmill services near me”, you’ll be happy to know that, The Woodery Lumber … Teak Lumber … Plywood Hawaii has been Hawaii's leading plywood supplier for more than two decades. It turns to a rich brown with darker, deep brown markings as it ages. The sapwood is white to pale yellow. Welcome to, The Woodery Lumber Co., your premier place for all things lumber! Teak – Burmese (Genuine) Stocking: 4/4, 6/4 & 8/4 Teak Wood also known as Burma Teak. We have the largest selection of hardwoods in Seattle. We have hardwoods and specialty woods. Contact Martin Lumber & Hardware in Everett, WA today at 425-259-3134. We are the best lumber suppliers in the Massachusetts area as well as greater New England. Teak. Don't … Teak is has an oily, greasy feel to the touch. This company, which was founded by Fred and Connie Smales in 1994, continues to be successful because of our … We stock domestic and exotic hardwoods like Cherry, Maple, Oak, Bubinga, Padouk, Mahogany and Teak.

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