We live out the results and sometimes grow so much as a consequence we discover we are blessed by our idiocy. Although Frankie is a 'halfwit' and only a 'halfwit' could love a 'nigger' Johnny's mom is no more approving of Johnny being with a white girl. "Frankie and Johnny" (sometimes spelled "Frankie and Johnnie"; also known as "Frankie and Albert" or just "Frankie") is a traditional American popular song. Frankie, you know I love you Francis Baker moved away from St. Louis in 1901 to escape the notoriety the song brought her, first to Omaha, then to Portland. Forgive you I never can. Frankie, you know I love you Frankie sat in her prison, Had no electric fan, Told her little sister, Never marry no sporting man; "I had a man, but he done me wrong." A rubber-tyred buggy, A rubber-tyred hack, Took poor Frankie to the jail-house But it didn't bring her back; He was her man, but he done her wrong. This story ain't got no moral "Roll me over easy, Oh, roll me over slow, Roll me over on my right side, 'Cause my left side hurts me so." Spaeth was paid $2000 for his testimony. 113 Took poor Frankie to the jail-house. Frankie Baker lived in a rooming house on Targee Street in St. Louis. Britt was a ragtime piano player, and by most accounts, an attractive young man. Baker sued film companies more than once, over the 1933 Mae West film She Done Him Wrong (in which West sings the song) and the 1936 movie Frankie and Johnnie. Nellie Bly was a well-known journalist in New York whose only connection to the case was that her name was easy to rhyme. but the last thing he told her was Frankie, you know I can't do without you ", "Now where's my man that's doing me wrong?". Human dignity is a space in which others can hold us and in doing so give us a sense of worth that may allow us to act in our benefit. A few thought she was either greedy or delusional to think the song was about her. yeah, yeah, yeah I'm also not sure about the captions. Forgive you, Frankie darling, For shooting your only man? It tells the story of a woman, Frankie, who finds her man Johnny making love to another woman and shoots him dead. In 1899, she was 22 or 23 years old and had a 17-year-old boyfriend named Allen Britt, who was sometimes called Albert (“Al Britt”). Frankie, you know I love you Therefore a residue of freedom, however limited it may be, is left to man in neurotic and even psychotic cases. The tales of drama where the fatal flaw destroys the actors steals away from the players. She killed her man, 'cause he done her wrong. oh he was a man alright Brown's "Frankie and Johnny" This poem is an interesting portrayal of both the black and white people of this time period. and up with a long 44 why, honey why did you do that That’s when Frankie Baker shot Britt with a .38, wounding him in the abdomen. I have always railed against this Aristotelean thinking. « BALLAD OF A THIN MAN | Jimmie Rodgers 164,205 views. Early the next morning, Allen went up to her room. oh let me tell you Frankie and Johnnie were lovers. He is your man, and he's doing you wrong. 114 But it didn't bring her back; 115 He was her man, but he done her wrong. “Frankie and Johnny” is a traditional American murder ballad, but you might not know it was based on a true story. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). The sheriff he said to Frankie, " It's the 'lectric chair for you. hook-shop: shop where hookers (prostitutes) are for sale. Frankie & Johnny were sweethearts Frankie lived in a crib-house, Crib-house with only two doors, Gave her money to Johnnie, He spent it on those parlour whores; He was her man, but he done her wrong. but Frankie could see that he was doing a-wrong Some souls feel useless with no job or romance, / Like eager feet without shoes or music to dance; / Others think freedom is just plain crazy - / passion and lo. "Forgive you, Frankie darling? Baker lost the lawsuits, returned to her home in Portland, and died in a mental institution in 1952. from his sports-car to his Ivy League clothes At Baker’s trial in November 1899, she testified that Britt had beaten her before, and had pulled a knife on her just before she shot him. crib-house: a small wooden shack (a crib is an animal's stall or a storage bin for feed). On October 14, Frankie caught them together at a club where Britt was playing piano. Baker confronted Britt, there was an argument, and Baker went back home alone, fuming. But with several plays, movies, and a ballet written about the murder, and the many versions of the song, she was forever branded as the woman who shot “Johnny.” Some people shunned her for it, others asked for her autograph. Juries weren't convinced the song, and the two movies, were about her. let me tell the story She complained that the facts of her story were wrong. Published at the web's largest poetry site. she shot once, twice, three times Frankie went to the hock-shop, Bought her a big forty-four, Aimed that gun at the ceiling, Shot a big hole in the floor; "Now where's my man that's doing me wrong?" Thank you, for your help. 116 Frankie sat in her prison, 117 Had no electric fan, 118 Told her little sister, 119 Never marry no sporting man; 120 "I had a man, but he done me wrong." "I won't make you no trouble, I won't tell you no lie, But I saw Johnnie an hour ago With a girl named Nellie Bly; He is your man, and he's doing you wrong." Likewise, Alice Pryor’s name was changed to Nelly Bly. Frankie is then arrested; in some versions of the song she is also executed. There are three characters in this poem which significantly representative of different racial views. History. Frankie, you know that I love you He was her man, but he done her wrong. Frankie and Johnny is a title of a poem (ballad). Jimmie Rodgers 164,205 views. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. In a few, Johnny (or Allen, or Albert) survives the shooting. oh if he was your man honey He was your man, and he done you wrong. Frankie was a good woman, As everybody knows, Gave her man a hundred dollars, To get him a suit of clothes; He was her man, but he done her wrong. Frankie went down to Memphis, Went on the morning train, Paid a hundred dollars, Got Johnnie a watch and chain; He was her man, but he done her wrong. He was her man, but he done her wrong. Poem: Frankie and Johnnie were lovers by Anonymous 1. Home; Poems; Poets; Member Area; Quotations; Poetry E-Books; Anonymous #63 on top 500 poets. Frankie And Johnnie Poem by Anonymous - Poem Hunter. That there ain't no good in men ... “Frankie and Johnny” is a traditional American murder ballad, but you might not know it was based on a true story. "There is but small doubt that this extremely old and popular ballad had its origin somewhere along the Mississippi, the reference to Memphis makes that clear; and from its phrasing it seems not unlikely that it is of negro extraction. Over 250 versions of “Frankie and Johnny” have been recorded, with widely varying lyrics. Frankie and Johnnie were lovers O my Gawd how they could love They swore to be true to each other . A Response to Sterling A. Frankie went to the madame, She fell down on her knees, "Forgive me, Mrs. Halcome, Forgive me, if you please; I've killed my man, 'cause he done me wrong." In some, Frankie ends up being executed for her crime.

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