When I went in the 90s, it was the future. Enter Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, whose final act scene has been stuck in the 1990’s future of LaserDiscs and car phones for the past 25 years. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom Slated for Updates Following Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Last updated: April 7, 2020 There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day! A Distant Future. I was on the floor, laughing. That last scene does need an update. Every year that goes by between the forties and modern times (at this point, almost 80 years) there’s less progress and more stagnation in the show as a whole. They can update it all they want, just don’t remove it! If you are incapable of suppressing outbursts, then stay home. I thought they might be shutting it down or removing it from the park. The Carousel of Progress, originally named The Carousel Theater of Progress was brought to the Disneyland Resort and remained there from 1967 to 1973 moving to Walt Disney World in 1975. However, yesterday, the resort saw its first guests as part of a cast member preview day. Updated would include a new finale scene and other general enhancements. Bob Chapek’s “administration” is incapable of creating anything that isn’t tied to a franchise. Knowing how involved Walt was with it makes it special! It closed in 1973 and was relocated to Walt Disney World Resort, where it opened in 1975. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom Slated for Updates Following Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, (C) Matthew Cooper Photography - www.thetimethespace.com, Jessica lives in South Florida with her 15-pound cat Gordo and a small army of Tsum Tsums. The mind boggles. pic.twitter.com/uQkROjUtY4. It’s kind of funny…even though the last scene is so dated some of the stuff exists in the present. , set to open in time for the anniversary in 2021, and possibly. That’s great news…even if it is a wait. Here's What One Head Honcho Says, Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Christmas Movie Happiest Season Is Heading Straight To Homes, Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes Sequel Has Hit A Roadblock, How The Boys' Star Feels About Black Noir Reveal In Relation To Chadwick Boseman's Impact As Black Panther, 2020 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: List Of New And Returning Shows, Enter For A Chance To Win CinemaBlend's Huge Horror Film Giveaway, Why Disneyland Will Have To Wait After California Releases Theme Park Guidelines, Stop Saying People Only Want Disneyland Open To 'Buy A Churro,' Says One Former Cast Member, John Wick Is Getting His Own Roller Coaster, So Buckle Up, For details on Gateway Blend's privacy and cookie policies, please visit our. Copyright © 2020 WDWNT, LLC. After the fair, it was moved to Disneyland, where it opened in 1967 as the Carousel of Progress. Which Pixar film are they going to theme it to? I would agree with others that it does need to be updated a little. Check it out. It has been an icon throughout the years and I make a point to visit it every time I am in the Magic Kingdom. But, isn’t that the point? The Carousel of Progress was first created by WED Enterprises, the precursor to Walt Disney Imagineering, for the 1964 World's Fair. Now is the best time of your life. I’d love to see Disney … Walt was very hands on with this, and if anyone wants to get a feel for what Walt was like, this is the place to go. During its time in Disneyland, the carousel was sponsored by General Electric due to its success. It would be especially interesting for the youngsters who can’t possibly imagine life before iPhones to see more of the 60s, 80s etc…. And tomorrow’s just a refurb away. The show has gone through a few changes over the decades to keep it current, and honestly, it's probably about due for an update. I gasped out “It’s so BAD!” at my wife, who got mad at the stares I was getting. Plus it always confused me how it jumps from the 40s to the ‘future’ with nothing in between. Now I'm imagining a modern animatronic Daveed Diggs busting this out and I want to see it happen. It helps us to imagine what it was like back then. They've never sat unused for so long. Restore it complete with the exit through a stage speed ramp to Progress City upstairs. bring out their favorite quote to sell the change, Member of The Tomorrow Society on Patreon, Join the mailing list at The Tomorrow Society. Buzz Lightyear’s Carousel to Infinity and Beyond, anyone? I remember back in the 80’s the theme song was different, I liked the original, Now is the time. The animatronics could use some updates to look more realistic. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait till after the 50th anniversary celebration to see any updates or refurbishments done on Walt’s favorite attraction, according to internal sources. It was entertaining to see, and not all that uncommon an event all things considered, but it took a life of its own when Disney Parks fans started adding music to it. They've been lonely, and maybe you'll be treated to an impromptu dance party. The purpose of the special day was, in part, a test run for Magic Kingdom reopening after months of being closed, and apparently, that was needed, as some of the attractions had some kinks to work out. I know Disney has to battle the perpetual “Futureland” problem of the future eventually arriving and needing to update attractions, but I think Disney makes enough money that they should try to stay on top of it. and so on…………. Apparently Jordan doesn’t get the idea of what the attraction is about. ???? And it’s been rumored for years that Disney wanted to get rid… Read more », I guess the refurb will be the celebration for the 30th anniversary of that final scene! Updating The Carousel of Progress...50 years later The Carousel of Progress is one of the oldest pieces of WDW, and one of Walt's all-time favorite attractions. I’d like to see more of the intervening years. Video surfaced yesterday of the Carousel of Progress having some minor issues as the animatronic main character of John had a minor seizure on stage. I still like to sing “Now is the time…” Maybe they will bring it back! Change to current technology AA figures, do away with the 1940s scene, bring back the 1960s “future” scene, followed by a new futuristic scene. In the late 1950s, after Disneyland's initial success, Walt Disney planned to expand the Main Street, U.S.A. area with two districts: "International Street" and "Edison Square". Updated are expected to occur at Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. 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In Edison Square, guests would be treated to a show which was supposed to be called "Harnessing the Lighting" hosted by an "electro-mechanical" man named "Wilbur K. Watt". I was so confused when the “future” portion I remembered from my childhood was almost exactly the the same when I went back 20 years later. And tomorrow’s just a refurb away. I actually feel this is one of those attractions that should either be completely rewritten or just removed. Walt Disney World hasn't reopened to the general public quite yet, that happens in a couple of days. John has had a really rough few months alone, trapped inside Carousel of Progress... https://t.co/mXd9gs7eS9 pic.twitter.com/hUOHKms013. Also, VR has made a resurgence. You can contact her, ideally with photos of your cats, at. It’s the present. CinemaBlend’s resident theme park junkie and amateur Disney historian. It’s our favorite ride, even with how corny the last scene is. By virtue of all their moving parts animatronics are going to breakdown now and then, but they also get near-constant use most of the time. One of the most underrated rides of the park, never a line best time for a cool off break especially duting a passing shower. You don’t have to personally remember the time period portrayed to learn from it and enjoy it.

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