What other cars was it sharing anything with? They'll all be hand built, too, no doubt one reason for the stratospheric price tag. The skateboard works well with GM’s parts sharing culture. It’s how they ended up being owned by the Germans. I get the economy of scale but hell if you do/hell if you don’t and it’s reaching if you compare what GM doing to what Chrysler did in the 80s. Who had the first factory remote start? https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2020/03/06/automakers-coronavirus-parts-disruptions/4977019002/. The company expects to sell a few hundred Celestiqs per year. The company's first foray into electrification—the Volt-based ELR—was a stunning flop. While I think a halo car is needed at Cadillac and a big sedan is needed, I don’t see this as the right portfolio mix. Facing stiff competition from Tesla & Land Rover, none of those models make money anymore. Cadillac's Electric Flagship Will Cost Over $200,000 The hand-built Celestiq won't come cheap. The reason you never see a Maybach is because Mercedes only sold 3,000 worldwide in the 10 years the brand was on the market. We ended up with an MKZ with the 400hp 3.0 V6. The Model S has been a novelty with its electric drivetrain and Silicon Valley pedigree. Cadillac is working on a halo flagship sedan called the Celestiq, one of at least two electric vehicles in its pipeline. In fact, Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Colias recently took to Twitter to reveal that Cadillac president Steve Carlisle told him the Celestiq will sport a six-figure price tag, “and it won’t have a 1 in front of it,” he said. Lol, Agreed… We all remember the 75k two door chevy volt which rotted on the dealer lots (deservedly)…. I didn’t say anything about Rolls Royce in context of today. The Allante never became anything near that important, nor could it ever anyway. Now, according to media in attendance at the event, the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq will cost at least $200,000. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. That’s $51,000 today. The Catera priced at/near a BMW 3 Series = failed. Thats not Cadillac’s job. In addition, the Celestiq will be hand-built in the United States. EVs are very quick by their nature. Cadillac needs this desperately. If Cadillac tried to make a Maybach-fighting sedan, people would laugh them out of the room. By the way, Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, which was released in 1957 and was limited to a small print run, cost $ 13,074. GM will have the $50,000 smallish CT5 sedan and then a gigantic electric sedan at $200,000? Cadillac is working on a halo flagship sedan called the Celestiq, one of at least two electric vehicles in its pipeline. While that sounds like a lofty sum of money, Cadillac worked closely with its dealer council to draw up the requirements. GMC Hummer EV Grows An Additional Pair Of Wheels In Fantasy Land, Tesla Acknowledges That Model 3 Rear Bumpers Can Fall Off In The Rain, Gordon Murray Automotive Fires Up Its First T.50 Prototype, Volkswagen Hosting Talks With Bidders Wanting To Buy Ducati. © COPYRIGHT 2020 POWERED BY LSX V8 ENGINES, LOVE & REVERENCE. Perfect examples would be CIMARON AND CATERA! It’ll sell a few thousand units and prop up the brand, but I’ll never be able to afford one, so to a certain extent I don’t really care about it, honestly. That’s their game, and why would they change it considering that is where the money is? Rory Harvey, Cadillac's vice president of sales, service and marketing, told Automotive News Wednesday that the company will require dealers to make a $200,000 investment into their facilities if they want to sell electric cars wearing the iconic crest. That isn’t as fast as the Model S Performance, but again, Cadillac will make up for it in luxury accouterments. You simply cannot understate how beneficial a huge, technologically masterful, uber-luxury sedan could be for Cadillac, especially if its the king of the segment. This task has historically been dominated by the S Class. What happens though with the future GM envisions? Which is achievable, especially considering they follow through with it being almost completely hand made. This is a segment no one has even come close to touching. Cadillac was going after the MB wealth. That puts the lower bound of the price at $200,000. "Do you think the Cadillac brand is in good shape? Never fly. With Tesla and Porsche taking early leads in the six-figure EV space, matching their specs won't make Cadillac a leader. It is critical that all Cadillac dealers participate, assuring the optimal experience for our customers.". Furthermore, it’s entirely possible the Cadillac Celestiq will offer some hugely impressive output figures. I’ve been thinking the same thing. They need something to give them a better image than what they have. So what makes a Cadillac special in this era? Question for you. However, in the day, the Allante did quite well against the competition from the car magazines, etc. Most of Bentley models are on Audi VW bones, Rolls today even have mostly BMW based models, Lincoln’s electrics will come from some unknown Sillycone Valley start-up. It’s reasonable to assume that the Celestiq will also feature an 800-volt battery pack and support 350 kW fast-charging capability. But an electric sedan, full-size, with zero compromises (as Reuss has said)…that could work. The large luxury sedans are already over-priced. EVs are the future, and dealers are going to have to pony up. Being just as good and costing just as much is not going to cut it. © 2020 Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. These 5 should be on your list, Garage Horror Stories: Fixing your AWD Cadillac with a $22 resistor, All hail the 1914 Cadillac seven-passenger taxi cab, Motor Mouth: There's more to EVs than just batteries, The 10 best movie beaters that smoked across the silver screen, 5 Best sport sedans that don't break the bank. But back in the eighties, the Allante was (in their heads) the car that was going to change everything for Cadillac. Six figures … “and it won’t have a 1 in front of it.” Due mid-2022. Cadillac is in the early stages of developing a stately flagship sedan priced in Rolls-Royce territory. They can not offer a over priced under performing vehicle. 2.) Sadly some in GM see it just as you do, CIMARON and CATERA are perfect examples. GM (Cadillac), who had the first electric starter? Build a car equal to the best of Mercedes and sell it for half the price. That means over US$200,000, more than double the price of a Model S Performance (CAD$135,090).

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