Adel Nasrallah was a Palestinian-born LA nightclub owner and restaurateur as well as a money launderer and drug dealer. When the Gang found out, they cut off his access to the house on Wonderland and threatened his life if he didn’t pay back the money. Fazit When not writing, Cynthia’s kiddo chasing, playing with Legos, administrative assisting at a small museum, performing in impromptu dance parties, baking, and occasionally jogging. In the end, he spent one year in federal prison and was ordered to pay a $250,000 fine. Both men were acquitted in 1991. Ron ... Barbara Richardson : Yeah, this is the best party I've ever been to. After this, they headed to the master bedroom and forced Nash to give them the combination to the safe. Finally, check out some of the most famous murder stories of all time. Launius, Deverell, Miller, and Barbara Richardson were found bludgeoned to death at 8763 Wonderland Avenue. 3, in der gezeigt wird, dass man Holmes dazu gezwungen hat, sich anzusehen, was mit seinen Freunden passiert, für wahrscheinlicher als die ersten beiden, und zwar ganz einfach deshalb, weil Lind sich selbst in einem viel zu guten Licht präsentieren will und Holmes Version nicht stimmen kann, weil Lind zwar sicher nicht die hellste Birne im Kronleuchter ist, aber selbst er war wohl kaum so blöd, dass er den schon damals als absolut durchgedreht geltenden Nash verraten würde, wer denn überhaupt erst die Idee zu dem Überfall hatte (weil Nash ja sonst noch am selben Tag auch seinen Namen und Adresse aus Holmes rausgeprügelt hätte). Joy found her way into the Wonderland Gang through her heroin addiction. Nash maintained that he never planned the Wonderland murders. Mar 9, 2018 - Wonderland murder victim Barbara Easton Richardson. Stealing from their rivals was both a source of income and an effective way to keep their competitors out of the game — until it backfired one terrible, bloody night. Ron wanted David’s help in growing their drug distribution empire. Joy Miller was the leaseholder of the Wonderland house. Ah, you must be Barbara. Holmes never told his wife the name of the murders. One of the gang members shot a bodyguard of Nash’s while he was trying to handcuff him. Holmes was acquitted, though since he refused to give any evidence during his trial, he ended up serving 110 days in jail for contempt of court. Und dann zeigt der Film uns eine dritte Version, nämlich die, die sich höchstwahrscheinlich wirklich abgespielt haben dürfte. 2 befindet sich der Film „WADD: Das Leben und die Zeit des John Holmes“, dem ich hier ein eigenes Bit nächste Woche widmen möchte. Porn star John Holmes, who would later go to trial for the Wonderland murders. The strangest part was that Angelo Buono only lived a couple of blocks away from John Holmes in Glendale when the duo was killing women. A master horseman, he worked as a stunt man acted in films. Am frühen Morgen des 1. Lind had spent the night with a male prostitute, leading to his survival. But Susan was still hanging onto life, even though it was clear she had been left for dead. By the time of her murder, Joy had been arrested seven times for drug use and dealing, had been treated for breast cancer. He also confessed to commanding his men to repossess the stolen items in the Wonderland house on the night of the slayings — though he never admitted to having ordered the murders. The property was officially leased in Joy Miller’s name, but it was home to a rotating cast of characters. Though she’d survive the attack and make a full recovery, the brain damage she sustained left her with permanent amnesia, unable to recall the events of the Wonderland murders. David Lind was born in Sacramento, California in 1938, and he became a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, a biker, and a … Historica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Wonderland is a 2003 American crime drama film, co-written and directed by James Cox and based on the real-life Wonderland Murders that occurred in 1981. Die Wonderland-Morde erregten damals in Amerika jede Menge Aufmerksamkeit. Along with David, Barbara was also said to be a police informant in Sacramento. In the neighboring bedroom, Ron Launius was dead, bloodied and beaten almost beyond recognition. On June 29, several days before the Wonderland murders, four members of the Wonderland gang robbed the home of notorious club owner and gang leader Eddie Nash. In Mach of 1982, John Holmes was arrested and charged with four counts of murder. He later immigrated to the US with $7 and stayed briefly in a refugee camp. David Lind (24 October 1938-16 November 1995) was a member of the Wonderland Gang of Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. . Around 4 pm the next day, a mover by the townhouse heard Susan moaning and called the police. Lind survived the Wonderland murders, as he spent the night with a male prostitute, but his girlfriend Barbara Richardson was among the dead. BEHIND THE VORTEX – EIN INTERVIEW MIT ALEX LEMKE. In 1990, Nash was charged with having planned the Wonderland Murders, and Niles was charged with participating. As they’d been working at the house next door to 8763 Wonderland, they’d heard desperate, pained moans coming from the drug house. YouTubeThe violence that resulted from the Nash robbery left hardly anything in the Wonderland house free from bloodstains. ***THIS STORY CONTAINS CRIME SCENE PHOTOS. Within 48 hours of the robbery, Nash was pretty sure he knew who was behind the heist. The house on Wonderland Avenue was home to the members of the Wonderland Gang, LA’s most successful distributor of cocaine in the 1970s. John refused to cooperate in the investigation and spent four months in jail before he was eventually acquitted of all charges. Investigators believe that Homes partook in the murders. The police searched the home and interviewed neighbors, who later admitted that they had heard screams in the early hours of the morning, around 3:00 a.m. When Barbara Richardson won a Utah book award for her novel, Tributary, it reminded me I'd never posted a review. Holmes ended up spending 110 days in jail for contempt of court. She wasn’t an official gang member, but she was a heavy drug user. Barbara Richardson was only 22 when she died. Hut ab! She has no memory of the attack. It is assumed that five people were targeted to be killed in the known drug house of the Wonderland Gang, three of whom were present. That’s because just two days after Nash allegedly beat him for information about the assailants, the perpetrators were found brutally bludgeoned in their home. He said he then witnessed Nash order Niles to beat Holmes and threaten to kill Holmes’ family if he didn’t give up the people who robbed him. While there John unlocked the back door, so the Gang could get in later without making any noise. The Gang made off with over $100,000 in cash, heroin, eight pounds of cocaine, 5000 Quaaludes, guns, and jewelry. He had become impotent from drug use and owed Wonderland a substantial amount of cash. Nash would later only admit to sending guys over to the Wonderland townhouse to retrieve the items stolen from him. | Als Extras gibt es einen Ausschnitt aus der Sendung Court-TV (unter anderem mit einem Interview mit Dawn Schiller, die hier auch als Associate Producer fungierte), einen Audiokommentar von James Cox und Autor Captain Mauzner, entfernte Szenen, den Autopsiebericht, Interviews mit den Stars und etwas, für das ich die DVD fast schon wieder hasse: Nämlich das etwa halbstündige Tatortvideo des LAPD. Barbara Lee Richardson was born in Sacramento, California in 1958, and she became the girlfriend of Aryan Brotherhood biker David Lind. Crime scene footage of Butterfly Richardson, found in a pool of blood on the floor in front of the couch. On the night of June 29, 1981, the Gang fronted John $400 to buy drugs from Eddie Nash. Charged with planning the murders, Nash was saved by a hung jury: just one juror stood between Nash and a guilty verdict. The first time Holmes entered Nash’s house under the pretense of partying and buying drugs, he forgot to lock the door. It was determined that he had been taken to the Wonderland house by force to watch the attacks as a form of punishment. Susan Launius lay injured for 12 hours before she was discovered the by furniture movers working at a neighboring house heard her moaning and when to check it out. Billy and his girlfriend were found in one of the bedrooms, both beaten to death. The graphic Wonderland murders video is recorded and narrated by an evidence tech, who moves through the scene and makes note of blood splatters, body positioning, and evidence of ransacking in the Wonderland house. Biography. Before leaving British Palestine for America, his family-owned 48 hotels and were wildly successful. John Holmes died on March 13, 1988. Ron Launius, David Lind, and Bill DeVerell broke into Nash’s home using the unlocked door while Tracy McCourt waited outside int he stolen Ford Granada. Any other persons who might have participated in the Wonderland Murders have never been identified. They then forced Nash to open his safe. On 1 July 1981, she was beaten to death by some of Eddie Nash's men, who used striated lead pipes to kill the gang members, as she slept on the couch of Launius' rowhouse on Wonderland Avenue. The Wonderland gang derived its name from Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon where the two-story townhouse leased to Joy Miller served as the gang’s headquarters. You enjoying yourself? Of course, none of this excuses the fact that the members of the Wonderland house were bludgeoned to death. Vier Leichen inklusive. He agreed to a plea deal in September of 2001, where he plead guilty to RICO charges and to money laundering. At 4 p.m. on July 1, police received a panicked phone call from a pair of furniture movers. Dieser präsentiert uns Lind dann als den Psycho, der an allem die Schuld trägt (und der es Nash auch nur so zum Spaß steckt, dass Holmes der Mastermind hinter dem Überfall ist. View all posts by Cynthia Varady, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Historic Crimes: William Brodie aka Deacon Brodie. On June 29, 1981, Ron Launius, Billy DeVerell, David Lind, Tracy McCourt, and John Holmes conspired to rob organized crime figure, Eddie Nash. (Hier war ja schon der Film grenzwertig genug, der am Schluss, als die Morde uns – übrigens reichlich brutal für FSK 16, muss ich schon sagen – immer wieder für ein paar Frames eben jene Leichen zeigt, aber dass man dann in den Extras jede Leiche minutenlang in ihrer ganzen „Pracht“ betrachten darf, schlägt dem Fass den Boden aus!) She was the only occupant of the Wonderland home to survive the attack. Ron Launius She sustained severe brain trauma, had to have part of her skull removed, and lost part of a finger. During the robbery, as Nash was being made to open the safe, Lind accidentally shot and wounded Diles. Boris Yaro/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images.

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