| Sam finds happiness in a simple life and Evelyn finds it through opportunity. | He's distracted by technology and doesn't have drive or a purpose. The episode begins with Sam (Dylan O’Brien) and his brother Jake (Micah Stock) in an old farmhouse they've been hired to renovate. The way Sam and Evelyn’s romance crests— and what the episode does with it after — is one of the few points that feel close to surprising choices. You know what? | “A Simple Favor” writer Jessica Sharzer and director Chris Long follow a template that does away with nearly all the nuance that a time-travel romance could incorporate. It also delivers a recognizable but small dose of that “movie magic” that’s so familiar from Spielberg’s earlier work. Both also launched with a single entry, intended to kickstart a place in the cultural consciousness. On Apple TV+, “Amazing Stories” seems to be striving for something with the same level of affect, only at a different pitch. It's reminiscent of the 1980s movie Somewhere in Time, with some thriller elements thrown in and a few somewhat predictable Back to the Future plot twists. “The Cellar” isn’t fully convincing proof that this reboot can live up to the achievements of the ‘80s series, but it does provide a recognizable lure for bringing in people who may not be as interested in original content like See and Dickinson. Where “The Twilight Zone” 2019 — for all its social relevancy misfires — did succeed was drenching each of its episodes in the kind of anxiety that felt required for a modern-day update. New episodes of “Amazing Stories” will be available Fridays on Apple TV+. Was this review helpful to you? Sam soon discovers a young woman named Evelyn (Victoria Pedretti) is living in the house, betrothed to an older man she does not want to marry as a means for her and her mother to save the family home. The Cellar, the episode of Amazing Stories available for review that debuts on Apple TV Plus March 6, is no Black Mirror. View production, box office, & company info. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. One of the most “amazing” things about Amazing Stories is that Apple only dropped a single episode, breaking with the traditions we’ve seen from every other Apple TV+ production so far. (It’s also an excellent opportunity to take notes on how to accurately restore the home Jake is working on, but Sam apparently never realizes this.). The director has done a fine job. Evelyn, who wants more from life, feels trapped in 1919 and finds freedom in the opportunities of modern life in 2019. The new series premiered on AppleTV+ Friday March 6 2020, with a new episode available each week. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The new series premiered on AppleTV+ Friday March 6 2020, with a new episode available each week. It's a love story but not just that. The world isn't about to end. Classic story. It’s part of an overall sense of comfort that undercuts most of the episode. An arranged marriage is at the center of the plot. It's not sci-fiction. Could have been still better script wise. While Sam Taylor and his brother Jake renovate an old farmhouse in Iowa, a storm hits causing a drop in air pressure that transports to Sam from 2019 to 1919. Evelyn Porter 'Amazing Stories' sets a difficult task at hand as it hopes to transport the audience to a world of wonder. She even has the potential to become a singer, but she'll never be given that opportunity in 1919. Title: Sam Taylor : You know what? While time can be cruel to love, it’s also a chance for hope, as it allows Evelyn the chance she never had in the past. Because this town does more light evoking of the early early 20th century than actually immersing a stranger within its ranks, most of the burden of generating wonder within the episode seems put squarely on O’Brien’s shoulders. That’s … Written by Sadly, the first episode doesn't manage to strike the right chord. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast, Bartender at Speakeasy Later, he writes letters to Evelyn and his brother Jake, telling them how he survived and was able to live a life of purpose in 1919.

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