Since my first review of the vehicle here on Edmunds, I have had new revelations about it. For an urban car its great for anywhere else, I'd think twice. City performance is where it excels, not the autobahn. First and foremost, the car's battery does not like cold temperatures, and thus I am suffering from the obligatory 'range anxiety.' Perhaps even a convertible or sedan variant. Great performance, fun to drive, and best of all, good for the planet. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a BMW i3 that will set lap time records at both Thermal and Spartanburg Two Day BMW M Schools. Look for the i3 to go into patrol duty in the U.S. within a year or two, look for LAPD to up its order in the very near future and to go solar in a big way to provide the e-juice for the i3 coppers. Rarer still… someone plants a “forest of new” that materially changes the definition of what was for a century a “clean white sheet of sheet metal.”. I had my reservations, as I commute around 30 miles to work, and am usually driving an additional 30-50 miles for business meetings each day. There are two companies that make winter tires for the i3: the OEM Bridgestones and Nokian. Having not to get gas is the best upside of the vehicle. Chalk this one up to the lessons learned by BMW in the Mini-E fleet field trails which I was proudly part of. As mentioned by Ms. Fleischer there are three main upgrades in store for the BMW i3, none of which she could talk about, one of which she was really excited about. However, BMW came a disappointing 27th out of 30 manufacturers rated in the survey for overall customer experience and reliability. Learn what owners have to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car. It is sporty and solid and handles the road like my 328i. Do these run high maintenance like traditional BMWs? on Wed May 08 2019. There are probably a few folks at BMW right now either amazed at how close I am, or chuckling at my racer-boy folly. On the positive side, my car had just over 19k miles, includes the Giga and technology packages, was certified pre-owned, and in fantastic condition with no visible wear and tear. The magazine recently released its list of "Used Cars to Avoid Buying," and the 2014 BMW i3 was among the dishonorable mentions. It also handles like a BMW. Get a no-obligation offer for your car in minutes. In that time, there is nothing that goes wrong. While most new car models are simply this year’s fruit ripened off a long established tree, occasionally someone actual plants something new. Roughly 260 discussions in the general forum vs 10 in the faults forum here seems OK to me, pretty damn good actually. Maybe. See stats for powertrain and chassis repairs. From then on and for the rest of our lives, it’s zero emission driving with zero cost for energy. The car spent almost 10 days in the dealership while they tried to figure it out finally replacing just about everything...not good. Two door, Dual electric 200+hp motors for a total of 400+ hp with insane amounts of torque in a sub-3,000 lbs car. I'm really unimpressed with the integration with smart phone, I expected a lot more on an electric car (see TESLA). 2014 - 2018 BMW i3: I have a 4 year old i3 Rex. However, you need to pay an extra £800 for the Driver Assistance Plus package. Return to “General / Main i3 Owners Forum”. Its reliability score… This is not for long trips as the practical range in temperate weather is 80-90 miles. on Tue Jul 31 2018. by MichaelR It has good pick up from idle. The range is ok but you learn to change your operating style to maintain the charged batteries where you feel comfortable, for me I don't let it go below about 30% even with the REX. However, when we had arrived at the BMW dealership to test-drive a 2014 3-series diesel wagon (I was getting desperate), there was my car for sale, beckoning my wife and I. Sign Up, Already have an account? Most fun and nearly maintenance-free car owned. 4 out of 5 stars Performance. Euro NCAP awarded four stars out five to the BMW i3 when it was crash-tested, but the weaknesses were around pedestrian safety and not the protection afforded to occupants. I have had my car for nearly 1/2 year and generally like the car...would I buy another one? A carbon fiber car wearing the BMW roundel, with the best interior in the world, that drives on sunshine. Test Drives, 2014 bmw i3, review, test-drive, Long Term Review, bmw i3 review,, 2017 BMW i3 gains an astonishing 50 percent increase in battery capacity with range now 114 miles, Tesla Owner: What An Honest Model Y Vs Model 3 Review Should Look Like, GMC Reveals 350-Mile Hummer Electric Pickup Truck: $79,995 To $112,595, Tesla Model Y Efficiency Proves Better Than Model 3 In Winter Testing, Tesla Model S Performance Loses To Ferrari F8 Tributo In Drag Race, Chevrolet Bolt EV Reportedly Catches Fire While Parked In Driveway. I love the carbon fiber details and the eco-leather on the seats. Which Is Better: 2014 BMW i3 or 2014 Acura ILX Hybrid? Just 2.5 years after its 2014 U.S. launch, the 2017 BMW i3 gains an astonishing 50 percent increase in battery capacity with range now 114 miles. It is fun to drive, roomy, handles well, and is quite stylish. Here are the top 10 models with the longest range on a single charge, What are the best hybrid cars you can get on the Motability scheme? But get the DC fast charge option as that has helped me go 300+ miles at times. Individual drivers care mostly about lower monthly payments, fleet operators care more about total cost of ownership and cost per mile of operations. Met my expectations, I suggest you find one that has been well maintained. Truly remarkable, we’re used to getting new cars every 3-4 years but we might need to rethink that strategy. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. We both love the performance, luxury and tech of the BMW i3, much superior to its two prototype predecessors. It is fast, fun, and has really cool tech. Look for this to be the main response to the Tesla Model 3. However, with all the mileage I drive, I hardly use the range extender. Ms. Fleischer would not spill the beans so this gives me a chance to speculate and guess on what these three main improvements could be. 0-60 times in the 3 seconds, crazy quick out of turns with no turbo spool up. The safety kit list on the BMW i3 includes six airbags as standard, and of course you get electronic stability control, too. This is the one I think Ms. Fleischer was really excited about; after all she comes from the M world of BMW. That’s the ultimate premium driving experience. I have a Level 2 charger at home. BMW i3 Long Term Reliability. Replaced tires. Driving Electric is a registered trade mark, New electric GMC Hummer EV off-roader revealed, Pininfarina Battista electric hypercar: price, specs and release date, New 2020 Suzuki Across hybrid: prices, specs and on-sale date, 2021 Skoda Enyaq iV electric SUV: prices, specification and on-sale date, Your electric-car questions answered: DrivingElectric reader queries, Complete guide to the Source London charging network. Other than technical recalls, the only issue that I have had is a failure of the fuel flap to open. Not cute or ugly and certainly not sexy…. by Mattic The construction is solid and the carbon fiber and all-aluminum construction makes the car safe and rust-free. The range on a charge is about 60-80 miles (based on the driving setting) with the range extender pulling about 30 miles, give or take. Here it goes! In conclusion, I am quite happy with my car, despite its low range in the winter, and happy to have the range extender as a backup. The oldest cars in the fleet are now 5 years old. Results are for year ending June 30, 2018. The steering is precise and tight. In near future iterations of the i3, the range goes up, performance goes up and the i3 will see patrol duty here as well, just read further down my post before you laugh at the thought of a BMW i3 in a high-speed chase. *Editor's note: This post also appears on Peder's blog. Bodywork is actually less costly than a steel car. In 6 months I've already replaced 2 tires for simple punctures. I had a 2016 and have 2017, and had only once issue ( electronics fail ). It’s one pedal driving for 95 perent of the time in the car and again, world leading in my opinion. Just plug it in and is ready to go the next time it is needed. Very low running costs are one of the main reasons to switch to an electric car. She also talked about the BMW iNext model due in 2020 which will be a new model focusing even more intently on sustainability, integration with humans as well as devices and autonomous driving. Now, my wife knew my checklist, and after asking our questions and taking it for a test drive, she was convinced this was my car. I traded a 535xi SW for this (which is a very different car). Having not to get gas is the best upside of the vehicle. This time in the season, it might be hard to fine either of them. on Mon Apr 30 2018. See problems for this generation Share on Facebook. While the BMW i8 is the super-sultry twin sister that gets all the lustful gazes, the BMW i3 is a masculine stout machine geared for the gnarly bullring that is the city of today and tomorrow. How recyclable are batteries from electric cars? by gnag Getting this warranty took some time as the car came from California but after many emails back and for with BMW Canada, we now have a warranty. We plan on keeping the Capparis White Electronaut Edition, as well as the BMW i8 Electronaut Edition. Smart instincts, legs that look thinner than they should for such a beast. The only area for improvement is the bumper ledge when you open the rear hatch. Read consumer reviews from real 2014 BMW i3 buyers. So far the i3 seems on track to beat that record. Lastly, the sun visors are simply too small and are terrible at blocking out the sun through the windshield and door window. I have had no issues with it otherwise (i.e. We would love to have one but don't want a constant headache of a car. The i3s after 2.5 years on the road are scratch and ding free thanks to the thermo plastic skin mounted on the CFRP. Our i3 ran on electricity for 90.7 percent of our test. With almost 50,000 miles and 66 months now, I still stand behind my earlier review: I have a BEV - no gas engine. My only other concern about it is its depreciation, and hope that the vehicle is not obsolete when it is time to trade it in. Crash safety is good for occupants, and BMW ranks decently for reliability. I drive very conservatively, making full use of the one-pedal driving (which had a quick learning curve) and never going above 68 mph on the highway. The logic is probably in the main computer, but you may not be able to turn it on. The test was conducted back in 2013, however, and the criteria are toughened up all the time, so the i3's score is no longer directly comparable to those of more recently introduced and tested models. Everything in the car is working fine since we have had it over the past 6 months. Receive pricing updates, shopping tips & more! The i3 is stronger than the “Man of Steel” with its flame cured fibrous carbon skin. Most of my meetings are in Boston, and I can usually find a garage with an available charging station. Exterior of the cars are simply the best I have ever seen. It's too soon to tell based on the entire fleet of i3s what the weak points are, but I've seen the following come up more than once. But how much do they cost to charge exactly? Great car that has everything you would want in a BMW with the perks of an Electric Vehicle. This car feels incredibly solid to drive - like you're in a tank, it just feels so heavy - yet it is very nimble. Access them anywhere. At launch in 2014, I too was unimpressed. The BMW i3 is a Bavarian bull. If they can prove during the next three years that the BMW i3 is reliable and has a low cost of operations and repair (50% lower,) you could be looking at the future police car of choice in the United States. I can hardly wait to see if any of my predictions hold true. However, BMW came a disappointing 27th out of 30 manufacturers rated in the survey for overall customer experience and reliability.

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