Opera, the most dramatic of art forms, was an appropriate namesake for these twin symbols of automotive excess. Even if he won the lottery, would a Cadillac dealer sell to him? That just looks AWFUL. Oops, forgot about the Calais which came standard with crank windows (or optional power lifts) until ’67. In late 1964, our ’55 Chevy BelAir was on it’s last legs. Philip Langdon photo. The Ford LTD Crown Victoria is a line of full-size cars that was manufactured and marketed by Ford for North America. But it still had the reversible keys. Things went downhill from there I think. This did not last. Same with Caprice and Gran Fury. His argument was that since the differences between the lines that ended up sharing bodies weren’t usually more than an inch here or two inches there, it didn’t really make sense not to have them use common bodies. There was a growing sense of “Jack’s as good as his master” as my late father used to say. Strange that they decontented this in mid year. Still, I loved driving and working on it…until it was on a lift and the doors would not open…because the frame was badly rusted. The 1959 Cadillac De Ville brings that home: very casual, if not downright sporty, in the golf club sense of the word. A limited-production model originally available only in Raven Black or Corinthian White, the Landau proved popular enough to become a full-fledged member of the Thunderbird range for 1963. Ford is still trying to evoke that LTD-next-to-the-Rolls thing; when the new Taurus was introduced, one of the ads featured a guy who was proud of his SHO and how it was one of the cars the valet parked out front with the higher-end stuff. But if one could get a Chevrolet that was as nicely trimmed and luxurious as an Eighty-Eight or Bonneville or LeSabre, then why buy one of those cars? If you wanted air, it was a dealer-installed unit under the dash. This is a, Very good condition, no rust, edelbrock carburetor, mallory distributor, Get it shippedfree auto shipping quote1965. Another twist to this story is how these top trim names usually ended up the ‘base/fleet’ model or take over the whole line up. Several comments about the interior. That said, I don’t dispute Paul’s point that this car began the Brougham Epoch that peaked in the 70s. That may explain in part why Sloan’s structure worked, and perhaps the only one, as well as the fact that back in the 20s and 30s, each brand only built a very narrow range of cars, and price differentiation was much more extreme than after the war. At that point, there was scarcely anything to differentiate a fully-loaded Caprice Classic from a Bonneville, Electra, or Delta 88. Meanwhile, retro fever escalated in Europe with the Siata 850 Spring and Vignale Gamine being unveiled in 1967. Metallic gold, black vinyl roof, fake mags, racing stripes and a 428. There was a knob on the dash that opened/closed the vent – this whole rear-vent system was an answer to the similar GM system. While the wood trim may have been plastic, it was fairly good imitation wood. – this car was previously used by the coroner – so it had some kind of police-package? This started with the 1931 Pontiac, which used a Chevy body with a longer hood. The direct competition instantly knew what they had to do: rush out their own LTD packages, as quick as possible. That also goes for suspensions, brakes, engines and other drivel-line parts, including transmission, up to a point. Certainly created the immediate knee-jerk reaction at GM with the ’65 1/2 Caprice (very Olds 98/Electra 225/Cadillac Calais like luxury) and the Plymouth Fury VIP (a car as a six year old I remember my Dad actually contemplating buying). It strikes me that Fiat group are now where GM was after Durant made his purchases and before Sloan took over. LTD started to cover Galaxie 500 slot, as mentioned with the decontented 1969, and eventually was the whole [US] big Ford line. In contrast, the latter third of the decade was radically different; more of a prelude to the inward, casually attired, earth-toned 1970s. Chevy (in ’66?) My parents had one of these rather briefly in 1965-66. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t around at the time so my view is shaped by what examples are still around as classics. The LTD was right there waiting for them at the perfect time. That dark blue four door hardtop LTD is solid, silent, and elegant, just like the ad says. Today, very few people really believe that a Buick is more prestigious than a Chevrolet. FILTER. The ’65 LTD marked the great turning point, when sporty became passe, or just the playthings of guys who knew the difference.

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